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Technical Writing

Writing matters...

Writing for the web is different than writing for print. Web surfers don't read content — they skim.

Even if you have a big investment in paper publicity material, you should not try to make your web site look like your slick brochure. Let me help you adapt your content for the web.

Technical writing is different, too. You need to provide clear, concise, and accurate instructions for users to succeed.

See me for —

  • Manuals and training materials.
  • Editing your existing content.
  • Custom multimedia training in CD, DVD, or on-line formats.

I have been producing increasingly more polished technical writing for over a decade. Along the way, I have developed a user-friendly and concise writing style that gets the point across.

  • How do people manage after absorbing your training material?
  • Do you see them scratching their heads?
  • Banging the keyboard when things don't work?

I can help.

When people read my instructions, they often say things like "Wow, that made the light go on -- thanks!" or "It's easy when you know how..." .

So how do I do it?

I don't use words when a clear, well-annotated picture will do the job. Conversely, I don't use obscure diagrams when a well-drafted list of instructions leads the reader to a successful outcome.

The old expression "use the right tool for the job" is in my blood.

People have different learning styles.

  • Some like computer-based tutorial movies.
  • Some like a printed manual they can read and digest at their leisure.
  • Others do best with hands-on classroom training.
  • I can create content that works for all learning styles.

Process is crucial

Technical writing projects need resources to succeed. You need all of the following things:

  • A project manager with the full (both moral and financial) support of your organization.
  • One or more skilled technical writers.
  • One or more skilled editors.
  • Frequent and clear communication between your engineers or technical staff and your writers and editors.
  • A proven quality control process to follow.

I can help you at any level in your project.

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