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Web Analysis

Web Site Analysis

Do you know what you're doing on the Web?

If you're jmet getting started on the Web, perhaps you could use professional help.

Or, if you have lots of online experience, perhaps you'd just like an honest, independent appraisal of your hard work from another professional.

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Can you benefit from K-C-P.com's Web experience?

  • Are you a "do-it-yourself" Web author?
    • You may not have all the software tools, experience, or expertise to design a great Web site.
  • Get a list of suggestions that will help you make your site better.
  • Get a qualified independent opinion about your site.
    • Direct my suggestions to your designers or contractors. Have me help them implement better ideas.
  • Are you a Web designer?
    • Do you have more work than you can handle?
    • Could you benefit from getting another qualified professional to tell your clients you're "doing a great job"?

What's in the K-C-P.com Web analysis package?

Your K-C-P.com Web analysis package will be custom made to your requirements. Pick and choose from any combination of the services I recommend. Get honest anwers to the following questions:

Is your site Useable?

"Useability" in your Web site gives you happy users instead of frustrated users.

Can people find your site?

If people can't find your site, they will never see it. Let me help you get the word out!

  1. Is your site listed on popular search sites?
  2. How does your site rank on search sites?
  3. Is crucial information easy to find on your site?

What do your Web site users want?

Many people and organizations throw Web sites onto the Internet without asking this question. If you don't know what they want, how can you give it to them?

How's your download performance?

If your site seems "too slow," most Web surfers will go away (never to return). I can help you optimize your page load times.

How is your site "navigation?"

Navigation is more than just "cosmetic" – today's Web users demand consistency and predictability – or they go away.

Does your Web site have "broken links?"

The dreaded "404 not found" error happens way too much on the Web today. Users absolutely hate this when they see it.

Have me find, identify, and help you solve "link rot" problems.

Is your site "compatible?"

Does your site display well for most web users? To help you minimize compatibility issues, get K-C-P.com to analyze your site.

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