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About Bucky

Bucky the MINI

I've had a lot of people here in Manitoba ask me "what's with the BUCKY license plate"?

No, "Bucky" is not my nickname, it's the car's nickname. I ordered this vehicle to my exact specifications from MINI Winnipeg, and I felt it deserved a special "vanity plate" that honors the personal history I have with the colors red and white...

UW Band Bucky
  • I was a still famous after many years member of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band.
    • The University of Wisconsin's mascot is "Bucky Badger". (At right, he is dressed up like a UW band drum major.)
    • The University of Wisconsin school colours are Cardinal Red and White.
  • My custom-ordered 2006 MINI's colours are Chili Red with White roof and mirrors.
    • OK, it's not an exact match, but do you see a trend of any sort here? <grin>).
  • So what else, would a loyal Badger alumnus name such a vehicle?
  • Hmm???
  • Buckeye? BZZT NO...and that explains why I will never own a red MINI Clubman, because the MINI powers that be say that model only come with trim "any colour you like as long as it's silver"...
    • Red and Silver spells "duh" Ohio State University, a deadly foe of the Badgers.

Funny true story:

On our first visit to Madison, Wisconsin driving BUCKY the MINI, I had to chuckle when we checked into our hotel. After we filled out the registration form, the young desk clerk noticed the description of the vehicle. "Oh cool, you have a red and white MINI Cooper!"

Then he saw the entry for Licence Plate, and said "Oh, are you Alumni?" This wizard got a patented Strieby "over the top of the eyeglasses" look and a grinning "Gee whiz, do ya think?" as his answer.

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