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Sites I Like

Many of the sites you see in this list have been favourites of mine for years. Others are new favourites suggested to me by folks who are interested in the same things I am..

Sites about web design

  • PVII (The best Dreamweaver extensions and page packs available anywhere)
  • Useit.com (Jacob Nielsen)
  • WDVL (Web Developer's Library)
  • Macromedia's DevNet

Sites about web standards, HTML5, XHTML or CSS

Sites about other techie stuff

  • Ars Technica (These guys often have scoops that other tech sites lamely echo or miss entirely.)
  • The Register (US or UK editions) (Excellent tech news site with a British twist. Slogan: “Biting the hand that feeds IT”. Don't miss the BOFH pages!)
  • Slashdot (A very popular tech news destination, and an early adopter of an all-CSS layout!)
  • I Cringely ("Robert X. Cringely" -- another long-time tech writer)
  • Lockergnome (tech news and other interesting stuff)
  • CNET News.com -- another major tech news site that is now all-XHTML+CSS.

Sites about Apple stuff

Sites I visit daily for fun

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