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My Web Portfolio

I'll be honest. Compared to full-time web design shops, my portfolio is modest. But I believe the quality of work speaks for itself.

  • My customers like what I have done for them, and so do their site visitors.
  • See the Customer Testimonials page to view comments from my customers.

Customer Gallery

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  • da capo chamber players
    This web site was my first professional project in 1996. The design has changed over the years, and now most pages of this very large web site is coded in a css-driven layout.
  • Composer Eleanor Cory
    My newest customer's site is a make-over of a long-running site. The new version improves on the previous site's usability by replacing HTML frames with a fixed-position div that mimics the functionality of the old frameset, keeping the navigation menu visible when users scroll down in page content.
  • Manitoba Cat Club
    I no longer manage this site, as the club decided to produce the site themselves. I preserve it in this portfolio only as another example of my work. The link to the present site lets you decide which version of the site you like better. :-)
  • Manitoba MINI Motoring Club
    This site, promoting the joys of driving a MINI in Manitoba, launched in 2006. Designed to the latest W3C standards, the site also features a slick little image gallery designed with the aid of Project Seven's “Image Gallery Magic” component for Dreamweaver
  • Modernworks
    In the late summer of 2008, we launched this updated version of a long-standing web site to rave reviews from the site owner. Inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian, this design is one of the most colourful and fun projects we have ever worked on. As with all our newer projects, the ModernWorks site is 100% W3C standard XHTML and CSS
  • Jacqueline Leclair, Oboe & English Horn
    This site went live on the web before we ever worked on it. Dr. Leclair's former webmaster disappeared, and she came to us in the fall of 2003. In the late summer of 2007, we upgraded the site to use a pure css-driven layout and text-based navigation. Accordingly, the download time for this site's pages is half of what it was with the bloat of all those NetObjects Fusion Navigation button graphics.
  • The New York Flute Club
    This site first went live on the web in 2001. The site owners decided they needed to have a local web firm in early 2012, so the site may soon no longer look like this screen shot. I maintain this link as a courtesy to a good former customer.
  • The New York New Music Ensemble
    I built this site in 2003, and the site owners decided they needed a local webmaster in 2009. I present it here as another sample of my work, and give you a link to the new site as a courtesy to a good former customer.
  • Flutist Patricia Spencer
    This web site was my second professional project, in 1997. It belongs to a great musician and good friend, long may she wail on her flute...
  • Syrinx Flute Festival
    This is the web site of a jewel in Winnipeg's musical crown. This web site features an on-line database that allows students to enter the festival on line and the site administrators to publish the festival schedule directly from the database of entries. This saves untold hours of work every year when the festival is approaching.

Oops, I almost forgot the most important one...

Your new web site could be in the gallery above. Contact me if you're interested...

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