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What is there to see here?

I'll be updating this site regularly again now that I have more or less abandoned Facebook. Why did I do that? Hmm...maybe more later. C U L8R FB...

Lots of stuff...

Explore the menu with your mouse or finger. Click or tap to go to available pages. Stuff here includes —

  • A page for each of our wonderful feline companions.
  • Articles I write from time to time when something moves me to bang on the keyboard for fun.
  • MIINI Stuff
  • Tech reviews and more stuff as I get it together for fun.
  • Galleries of photos, with more coming often.

Why don't I like Facebook any more?

Well, how do I put this...I hate my friends and family. (Juat kidding!) I shall never, ever, “Tweet” either. For different, albeit similar, reasons.

Social media sites suck in users by the millions, and can't be bothered to do much of anything (lip service aside) to protect user privacy. Then there's all the "shared" crap. OK, it's starting to get harder than it used to be to promote hatred or display other inappropriate videos, images, fake or otherwise. But altogether too much of conspiracy theorizing, science-hating, “do-whistle” racism, Us vs. Them kind of divisiveness and utter lack of even basic fact checking.

Well, at least it's “free” — (as if!).

  • Yes, they don't charge you anything for storing all the personal data you give them, and sharing it with all your Friends™.
  • But, they just won't tell anyone how much they make selling your data to third parties.
  • OK, I'll cut them some slack for saying you can restrict who can see your stuff on line.
  • I just don't trust them any more. One of these days I'll “unfriend” everyone with a note to look here if they want to stay in touch. Or not.

Free as in beer. Or lunch. Heinlein said it best: TANSTAFL.

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